Art can be to everyone an inspiration – William Hesketh Lever 1922

It was a beautiful morning in Port Sunlight. I was there for work and I was early which provided a wonderful opportunity to walk around the village in the footsteps of William Hesketh Lever, the man who died in 1925 but who had a profound effect on my life.

William Lever was the founder of the business which is today called Unilever and Port Sunlight was the site of his original soap factory where he manufactured Sunlight and the garden suburb he built for his workers.

It’s also the location of the Lady Lever Art Gallery, the monument he built to his wife which houses the extensive art collection they gifted to the nation. It was there in one of the many rooms that I saw the quotation at the top of this post and came to understand that Willam Lever, one of the greatest brand managers of all time was in fact the original artful strategist.

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